Hold him tight, lest he might

suddenly his wide wings raise

and fly, leaving you restless,

mournful, incomplete and dry.


Hold him even tighter, embrace

his hips with you arms,

embrace his thighs with your thighs,

so he remains under your sight.




Hold him close, hold him closer,

press against his sex your eyes,

enjoy the perfume of his lower parts,

and forget never you both shall die.


So hold him furiously, as to keep him

ever alive, hold his kindness, his crimes,

his darkness – and invade his softness.

And lie over him, and sleep inside his heart.

text | Curitiba | ygor raduy

holding me always | London | R.Cambusano
holding me always | London | R.Cambusano

Tied Tightly | Sampa | JimmyK

Tied Tightly | Sampa | JimmyK