All-Hallows-Even (yo no creo en brujas)

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I had a dream.
Actually, I have it every night.

There is a car.
There are 4 people.

The rood ends. The car doesn´t stop.

Everybody is dead, including me.

And then, in the dream, I think:
how can I die in a dream?

And I understand how death is. How weird, lonely, empty death is. I think: why those Renaissance painters did so many paintings of angels? Why?

Trick or Treat? | London | Jaime Scatena

Cities in dialogue:

  • Image 1 ( Scary_city | London | R.Cambusano )
  • Image 2 ( Bad Dream  |  London  |  R.Cambusano )
  • Image 3 ( Creepy Crawly  |  London  |  Luciana Franzolin )
  • Text  (understing death | Porto Alegre | Gabriela Canale)
  • Image 4 (Trick or Treat? | London | Jaime Scatena)
  • Image 5,6 (step by step | Buenos Aires |María Eugenia Arostegui Sebastian)
  • Image 6 (Esses Monstros: no los creo, pero que hacen señas hacen… | Berlin | Ísis Fernandes)
  • GIF 1,2 and 3 (hallow art of die | São Paulo – Jaguariúna | Tiago Spina)

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