Cidade em Polaridade (Hermetic Law)

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The Law of Polarity: Polarity = Power.
All things are dual, everything contains its opposite. ‘
Everything Is Dual;
Everything Has Its Pair Of Opposites;
Like And Unlike

Are The Same; Opposites Are Identical In Nature, But Different In Degree;
Extremes Meet; All Truths Are But Half Truths ; All Paradoxes May Be Reconciled.”

Cities in dialogue

  • Photo 1:  (Hermetic Law  |  London  |  R.Cambusano )
  • Photo 2:  ( polar_idade  | London  | R.Cambusano )
  • Video 1: (Polaridades | Jaguariúna | Tiago Spina)
  • Photo 3:  (Duality  |  London  | Luciana Franzolin)
  • Photo 4: Polaridade | Berlin | Ísis Fernandes
  • Collage (polaridades | Porto Alegre | Gabriela Canale)

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