There are two different ways to join Multigraphias:

  1. As a resident artist, joining the project for two months
  2. As a guest artist, where you’ll dialogue over a given weekend only

2 month Residency

Multigraphias is a Internet based project, so our residency is a virtual one. All actions, information and exchanges occur on our website, through social networks or e-mail. Each resident will get a subscription form, a username and will be able to dialogue directly through Multigraphias website. Being Internet based allows the project to have a broader reach and to include artists from all around the world.

If you’re interested on this form of participation, please keep an eye on Multigraphia’s website or follow us on Facebook/Twitter to find when our resident admission is open and the submission rules.

Guest Artist

The guest artists are usually contacted via e-mail and receive an invitation to join the project for 2 days.

If you’re interested on this form of participation, please send us some of your artworks and a brief artistic proposal to the e-mail


Multigraphia’s main subject is the city, therefore the artwork themes are directly or not related to urban poetic, with no restriction to other themes. Daily posts are collective produced by several artists, regarding their cities.

You can have a better understanding browsing Multigraphia’s website.


Resident artists produce their artwork daily, posting it every day on Multigraphia’s website. Everyday a new post is published and inside it the artists are requested to create their dialogue. So, every single day there will be a new set of images, created by several artists from different parts of the world.


The artwork might be on mostly any format: photography, video, drawing, video etc. We ask you to have a high definition version of the posted artwork in case we need it for a offline exhibit.

Collective and Collaborative Creation

The residency proposal is to have artwork being created on a daily basis, always in dialogue with the other published artworks. Being collaborative will contribute to the artists individual development, resulting in a collective production of a  poetic panorama of the cities.

What happens is the fist artist to post establish the so called “multialogue”, setting that day’s theme/tone. All other artists are invited to create a reply to the first artwork. The posts are like a chat, a dialogue of the cities. If something has already been posted on a given day, everything must follow that theme/tone.


When requested, the resident artist will receive a diploma, after his 2 month participation, certifying him/her as a Multigraphia’s Resident Artist. Guest artists are not entitled to diplomas.


Residencies should last, at least 2 months, accordingly things like: Multigraphia’s and artist’s interest, artist’s overall engagement. Guest artists are usually invited for a weekend, but this can also be extended.


  • Resident Artists:
    • Engage on posting at least 4 times per week
    • DO NOT erase any post/page
    • Be creative. Explore. Dialogue.
  • Guest Artists
    • Send the images on the selected weekend, in a dialogue with the previously posted artworks
    • Be creative. Explore. Dialogue.
  • Be advised you or your artwork might be selected for an eventual exhibition or  any other project. We’ll ask for your permission when it happens.

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