Residency Application

The Multigraphias project is open for new applicants

And we’re open not only for artists but also to any cultural agent or anyone somehow related to culture and arts willing to join us on our daily artistic dialogue.

Multigraphias is a collective creation project where artists from all around the world creates artworks regarding their cities.

The daily creation is always performed in order to create a dialogue between the participants (and their cities), building synergies and interpolations from different places in the world. We’ve received more than 40 different artists, building dialogues between more than 60 cities.

The artwork might be on any media as long as it can be published on a weblog: photography, edited images, videos, animated GIF, sound, painting, poetry, literature, performance…

Multigraphias assumes the digital era where any experience can be transformed into bit, pixels, into shared information that may be transformed, edited, quoted and recreated. Furthermore, Multigraphias is a game, a multimedia play where we create and reflect on a daily basis. It’s a healthy artistic addiction!

Our residencies will last for 2 months and during this period you should create a different artwork every day, always in a dialogue with our artists, sometimes just joining the conversation, but in other days setting the tone and the daily subject.
You might stay longer than two months, in case you’re and we’re interested on extending your participation.

The residente artists create artwork from each city on a daily basis, publishing it on our website.
Each day a new blog post is created where the artists should publish their creations. So every day there a new set of artworks representing an artistic dialogue between the cities where each artist lives.

Main Subject
Multigraphia’s main subject is the city itself, therefore the artwork’s subjects are, directly or not related to urban poetry, but we’re also open to any other theme.
All subjects somehow related to the artistic practice might be discussed as well as personal, psychological or recreative approaches. Anything goes as long as it’s following the dialogue with the other artists creations (or starting a new dialogue, setting the conversation tone).
It results on daily publications collectively developed by several artists bringing their own thoughts about the cities they live. To have a better understand, just browse through Multigraphias.

Collective and collaborative Creation
The collaborative format contributes for the artistic individual growth of any artist and allows the collective creation of a poetic and panoramic view of the cities.

By the end of the 2 month period the artist might receive a certificate on his/her participation.

If you want to face this artistic challenge all you have to do is:

  • Select 3 out of your best artworks, those which you consider best represent your actual artistic stage.
  • Write down a mini-bio, with a maximum of 80 words
  • Fill in this form

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